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FINJA, founded by veterans of tech and banking industry is a Pakistani fintech, with a mission to make payments free, frictionless and real time.

Analog to Digital

Experts in digital transformation, leading to significant growth and bottom line profitability

Digital Payments

Providing innovative and new methods for rolling out payment types, systems, platforms and build up of the related ecosystems

Business Process Management

Experts in this discipline focused on analyzing, designing, improving and automating business processes

SimSim is Pakistan’s first payment solution offering free, frictionless and real-time payments.

Power is yours

SimSim empowers you by providing a payment solution which not only allows you to make zero cost transactions but also enables you to create your own payments ecosystem through which you're always there for your friends and family and they are always there for you. With SimSim, you're able to move money anytime anywhere and take control of your life like never before. 

Break Free

You are no longer confined to paper or plastic. With SimSim, you break free from all the old world chains and enter a new world of free digital payments.

Join the movement

Being on the SimSim network means being a part of the movement to set free payments in Pakistan. As part of the movement, it is also vital to spread the movement so invite your friends, family and colleagues to adopt digital payments to ensure all your loved ones are always connected.

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Payroll+ provides a well rounded solution to manage your company's structure and employees for hassle free salary disbursements.

Company account management

Manage your company account with detailed track of statements and account balances. 

Organization structure management

Trouble free management of organizational structure by creating multiple departments, branches and functional hierarchy for smooth salary runs directly through Payroll+

Flexible and Customizable

Convenient management of complete salary breakup including, basic salary, reimbursements, commissions and TADAs etc.

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FINJA Commercial User payment system for our Digital Partners/Merchants is free, frictionless and real-time

Real time QR code payments

instant acceptance of payments through static and dynamic QR codes

Fast and easy setup

Set up your account and start receiving digital payments today

Push promotions

Keep a track of customer analytics, high spending customers and new customers and create custom push notifications 

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Our Digital Payments Partners

Wave handles vacations, bonuses and other benefit calculations, too, and provides accurate


From Finja Founders

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