Pay Bills

Bill Payment allows users to pay all types of utility bills in a secure and convenient way. The amount is automatically fetched after entering the consumer number, after confirmation the bill is paid instantly.

Gift Vouchers

Buy different vouchers for different platforms such as iTunes, Netflix, Facebook, etc.!

Top Ups

Top up your GSM network instantly through SimSim wallet at anytime, anywhere you are by simply entering the phone number and amount.

Buy Tickets

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Add Money

Adding money to your SimSim wallet is easy and instant. Add money through IBFT, 1-link ATMs, UBL Omni agents or from one wallet to another

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Scan & Pay

Scan and Pay is a unique subset of SimSim that enables users to make real-time, zero-cost payments by simply scanning the QR codes of merchants. After scanning, a digital invoice is generated, which needs confirmation to process the payment.

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Send Money

Send Money allows users to send money to any other SimSim wallet. It works by simply entering the mobile number of payee, who is registered with their SimSim wallet.

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QR Code

Quick Response

Quick response codes provide a real time, fast and convenient way of making payments without sharing your personal details. Just scan the QR code of merchant, insert the amount and press send to make hassle free, immediate transactions.

Geo tagged merchants

Look that close

Find your nearest merchants through your SimSim application within seconds.

How Secure is SimSim?

Mobile number as financial identity

Your mobile number is your account number. The application cannot be used on two devices simultaneously.

Four-digit static PIN

Users need a four-digit static PIN to login to SimSim, which is confidential and only known to the user.

SMS alerts

Users receive SMS alerts each time they login to or conduct a transaction through SimSim. In-app notifications are also received for every transaction.

Mini statement

Users can review their mini statements anytime and can easily keep a record of their transactions

Timed log-out

Timed log-out from SimSim keeps the wallet secure.

Multiple encryption layers

Your data is protected via multiple encryption layers and visible only to each user individually


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