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*This is a proposition by Finja Lending Services

If you are waiting to make your next big purchase, we want you to stop waiting and take charge with our easy monthly installment plan. This is an exclusive real time digital credit facility for

  • Individuals whose employers are using our Finja Business portal
  • Salaried Professionals

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With our flexible plans you can buy now and budget later

Who is this for?

This real time digital credit is exclusively designed for employed individuals.This is an instant digital credit that automatically gets adjusted in your purchase from us or you can withdraw cash.

This allows you to shop those sales so you don’t miss any deals! From home appliances to mobile phones, we’ve got the best hot deals in town! To make it even easier, if you are looking for something specific that you cannot find on our online marketplace contact us and we will source it just for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out, we have a specialised team just to get you what you need!

How does it work?

The process is completely digital and requires no paperwork at all. We’ve made it simple and easy. Follow the simple steps below to choose the best plan for you to make that purchase now!

Go to your Finja App and browse through the marketplace to choose your purchase.

Once you have added the items in your cart click ‘Checkout’ and select ‘Pay using EMI’

Choose the plan that fits your budget best. Plans range from 3,6,9 and 12 months along with its respective monthly installment.

Once you confirm the plan the total payment is net of the service fee (Annexure- pricing). Your order is confirmed and details will be sent via email.

The order will be delivered at your desired address.


1.How can i buy?
If your employer uses our Finja Business portal then this facility will be automatically added to your Finja App after two months of your payroll processing.
However, if that is not the case and you are a salaried professional then click here for the online form and make your way to our exclusive marketplace for you to choose from.
The Finja marketplace in your mobile app displays a wide array of options to choose from, once you select the item of your choice the easy to follow steps will guide you to complete your purchase along with the most appropriate payment plan.
Our payment plans range to suit your needs. Options vary from plans of 3,6,9 and 12 months along with their respective service fee. The installment is mentioned before check out. This is the monthly payable amount which you can pay using the mobile app directly from your Finja wallet or you can set up your account to auto deduct and you would not have to worry about missed payments. We send you reminders so you don’t miss any payments. This process is digital and hassle free. Select ‘loans’ in your Finja App and click ‘repay’. Enter the amount you are ready to repay and confirm. This will automatically be reflected in your loan amount.
Your installments are spaced out to make it easy for you to manage your budget. However, in the unlikely event you are not able to repay you can call us in with your concerns and we can find a way out for you.
EMI is an exclusive credit product that is pre approved on an individual by individual basis. Our real time algorithms that use AI and machine learning systems determine the loan amount using your credentials and the credibility of your employer. The total product price is split into easy installments to space out the cost and service fee is deducted upfront. It’s all calculated upfront upon checkout!
There is a service fee of 6%, 18%, 27% and 36% for 3,6,9,12 months respectively. It is taken upfront upon checkout. The fee depends on the your past repayment history, the credibility of your employer and other variants that our algorithm uses.
We are here and happy to help with any questions or concerns. There are a number of ways you can reach us.