A convenient way to

accept payments

from customers immediately at zero merchant discount rate (MDR)

FINJA commercial user application is a zero-cost, real-time payment system for commercial users/merchants.
Start accepting digital payments immediately!
The sign up process to become a FINJA commercial user takes a few minutes.
FINJA commercial users can route payments to their existing bank account or receive them in their SimSim wallet.

Why should I use the FINJA App?

As a commercial user, you incur no transaction costs on receiving payments. You can accept digital (QR Code) payments, conduct secure transactions, have visibility of all your tills. You can have a real-time view of your business performance. And as your partner, FINJA offers you cross-platform marketing via social media to boost your brand recall.

The Right Features

Track details of your transactions and aim for exponential growth of your business.

Zero cost payment system

Payments are received instantly/real-time in your wallet/account which are entirely free.

Real time QR code payments

Instant acceptance of payments through static and dynamic QR codes.

How secure is FINJA commercial user app?

Generally, commercial users can visit the FINJA website without providing any personal data. However, in order for them to sign up as a Commercial User, they are required to submit personal identifiable information. FINJA places the highest importance on respecting user privacy and confidentiality of the information will be maintained at all times. FINJA uses various technological and procedural security measures in order to protect the collected personal data.
Information submitted  for  a  specific  purpose  will  be  used  for  that  purpose  only  and  in  accordance  with applicable  contracts,  laws  and  regulations. Users’ CNIC, mobile number, business and bank account information is required to help FINJA efficiently deliver the services requested, resolve any issues that may occur and for business analysis.
FINJA will follow up on comments and other requests that Commercial Users submit through the website or customer care center. This may include using users’ personal data to call them back by telephone or communicating via email.
Once  users’ personal identifiable information is collected by FINJA there are security  measures  in place  to  help  protect  against  the  loss, misuse, unauthorized modification or  destruction of  the  information under company control. Multiple encryption layers to safeguard user information are used.
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Partner Sign Up

Benefits for Commercial Users/Merchants

Growth beyond measures

Acquire and grow new customers.

Expand your customer base

Reinvent and retain your relationship with existing customers by bringing them on the SimSim network.


Sign-up today and start accepting real-time, zero cost digital payments within seconds.


Explore new markets and avenues (online and mobile).

Digitize your relationship

Digitize your relationship with customers, vendors, suppliers and partners.

Finance Management

Manage your business and personal finance: payroll, utility bills, top-ups and personal payments.