Providing credit to salaried professionals

The first of its kind dual-purpose digital card backed by a reusable credit line.

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What's Different?

2-in-1 Card

It's one card - but doubles up as a debit card & a credit card, whenever you need it to be. Tap once it's credit - tap again it's debit.

Transparent to the core

You know exactly what you’re paying for so you won’t have to worry about any sort of hidden charges.

Charges & Fees

Complete Control

Break the FINJA Card bill in installments for up to 12 months. Choose when and how much to pay. Get an engaging summary of your monthly expenses!

We encourage smart spending

Your credit limit is a fraction of your monthly income, not a multiple. As we develop our relationship with you, your credit limit will increase.

Branchless Experience

The entire process is completely digital. You don't have to visit a branch,
not even once.

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