User Manual

Activating my card

Once you receive your card, you must do the following:

  1. Open the app
  2. Click “Activate my card”
  3. Enter the following information
    1. Full Card number
    2. Card expiry date
    3. Set your PIN on the next screen
    4. Set your bill generation date (Please choose carefully, because you cannot change this later)

And voila, you’re free to use your card.

Procedure of using FINJA Card

There are two types of transactions possible using the FINJA card:

  1. Withdrawing cash from any ATM in Pakistan
  2. Point-of-Sale:
    • Swiping your card at any credit card reader at retailers and restaurants
    • Online transactions (Local e-commerce platforms)

Interchanging between credit mode and debit mode

When you receive your card, it will be in debit mode by default. You must press the toggle on your home screen to change modes.

Point-of-Sale Transactions

Payments in debit mode will deduct the funds already in your wallet. Your transaction will not go through if you make a payment in debit mode without any funds - You will then be prompted to switch to credit mode (if it is active). Payments in credit mode will be considered transactions made by a credit card. Your bill will be generated in real-time, and you will be liable to pay within 30 days, or more if you select an installment plan.

Cash Withdrawals

When withdrawing cash using your card, the ATM will not prompt you to choose between both modes. You must pre-set the toggle towards the mode you want to be in.
Again, withdrawing cash in debit mode will withdraw your own funds.
For withdrawing cash in credit mode, you will be charged 0.2% of the amount per day.

Card Controls

Block the card

If you lose your card, you must “block” your card within your app. This will temporarily block your card to prevent anyone from misusing it. If you find it, you can always “unblock” it for reactivation. However, if you want to block it permanently, you need to call on the number below.

(042) 35880272


This button will allow you to do the following:
  1. View your account number
  2. Access all your statements (past and current)

Spending summary of your credit line

You can view your spending summary by going into the “credit line” tab from the home screen. You will be able to see all your transactions made in credit mode.

You can click on a particular transaction to view the following:

  1. Location of transaction
  2. Merchant Name
  3. Time and date of transaction
  4. Payment Mode
Credit Line Statements
What is a Credit Line statement?

It is an official summary of all the transactions you made in a single billing cycle. Statements also show the due date of your bill.

Your Monthly Statements

We won’t send you paper statements every month. Instead, we’ll notify you when your payment is due through the app right after you make the first transaction during a single billing cycle.

Plus, you can access all your past statements with just a few taps

What is a billing cycle?

It is the period between one statement date to the next. The ending date of the billing cycle marks the due date of the monthly bills.

Your Billing Cycle

Here at FINJA, our billing cycle is set to 30 days by default (with a 5-day grace period). You must choose your monthly bill generation date when activating your card. Your bills will be due 5 days after this date. For example, if you choose the date to be the 20th, the due date will be the 25th of every month (5 days after your bill generation date). Whichever due date you choose, the billing cycle will always last for 30 days.

Each billing cycle will last no more than 30 days. However, the first cycle may fluctuate depending on when you receive your card. Suppose you receive your card on the 2nd of January, but you set your billing cycle to the 26th. Now the first bill will be due on the 26th of next month – which is 26th February.

You cannot change the billing date once you have selected it at the start.

It is the limit that is approved which you can use in credit mode.

Cash Withdrawals & IBFT

When withdrawing cash from an ATM, you need to have more money in your wallet than you need to withdraw. For example, you have PKR 10,000 in your wallet and prompt the ATM to withdraw the entire PKR 10,000. Now you won’t get the entire 10,000 in cash but 9,500 due to the following ATM charges.

ATM Charges: PKR 18

On the cash you withdraw or IBFT, you will be charged 0.2% per day, starting from day 1 (the day you make the transaction). There’s no interest-free period; charges start occurring from the day of the transaction till it’s paid in full.

The due date of repayment on Cash Withdrawals is linked to your billing cycle. If you fail to pay until the last day of your billing cycle, you will be given the option to club this amount with POS (other digital transactions) payable and amortize up to 12 months with monthly 3% service charges.

If you do not pay the full amount and do not opt for the amortization option then late payment charges of 3% will be levied on the total outstanding balance.

Daily Service Charges Service Fee to date Principal Total Payable Repayment
Day 1 10 20 5,000 5,020 0
Day 2 10 30 4,030 5,030 1,000
Day 3 8 8 4,030 4,030 0
Day 4 8 16 4,030 4,030 0
Day 5 8 24 4,030 4,030 0
Point-of-Sale Transactions in Credit Mode

You will not be charged for 30 days upon making point-of-sale transactions. On your 31st day, you will be offered to convert the balance into installments – this also includes your cash withdrawal outstanding balance.

Please note that you will have the following charges on the Point-of Sale transactions in credit line mode only.

  1. ATM fee: PKR 18
  2. 16% FED in case of non-filer.

Your point-of-sale and cash withdrawal balances will be combined to form a consolidated bill. On your due date, you will be offered the following options:

  1. Pay the entire amount in installments
  2. Pay some amount now and the rest in installments
  3. Pay the entire amount now

If you go for the second or third option, you will be charged nothing on the amount you pay upfront(if paid on or before the due date). However, if you miss the due date, you will be charged a 3% late payment fee.

There will be service charges on the installments – 3% incremental to months. If you choose the 6-month plan, service charges will be 18% total. If you choose the 8-month plan, service charges will be 24%. So, service charges are 3% multiplied by the number of months.

Note that the service charges are applied to the entire amount as a whole, not each installment individually. First, the entire amount plus service charges are calculated. Then, the installments are divided.

Clicking “Pay” on the home screen will present you with two options to pay your bill.

Pay from wallet

Choosing this option will use your own funds in the FINJA Wallet to pay the bill.

Pay via IBFT

This requires you to transfer funds into your wallet from any other bank account. Follow the following steps to pay your bill via IBFT:

  1. Open your banking app or log in to your online banking website
  2. Go to Money Transfer or Funds Transfer & select FINJA EMI
  3. Enter your mobile number as your account number
  4. Enter the amount you wish to transfer