Frequently Asked

How and where can I use my FINJA card?
You can use it at any point-of-sale, including retailers, grocery stores, petrol pumps, and even local e-commerce websites. You can also withdraw cash from any ATM.
There is a toggle on the top of your wallet’s home screen. Just press the toggle to switch between both modes.
You will get a grace period of 5 days after your due date. After that, a late payment fee of 3% will be charged on the total amount due.
When you activate your card, you will be offered to choose your billing date. The billing cycle will be set according to that date.
For example, if you choose 20th as your billing date for every month, your bill will be due within 5 days after the billing date - on the 25th of every month at 11:59 PM.
You are encouraged to align your billing date with the date of your salary receipt. You will not be allowed to change this in your settings later.
When you receive the card, it will be in debit mode. Should you feel the need for additional money, you always have the option of converting to credit mode and back. You need to have your credit line approved for credit mode to work.
The credit limit decreases by the amount you spend and increases exactly by the amount you repay us. Consider your limit to be money you have in the form of credit. Money decreases when spent and increases upon deposits in the account.
The total amount due in installments will be deducted from your approved credit limit as soon as you choose an installment plan. The limit will increase as you pay each installment. You may even pay more than the installment due in a particular month, which will release your limit at a faster pace.
Your credit limit will freeze 30 days past the due date if it is still unpaid. The entire limit will reactivate once you have cleared all your dues (only in the case of non-payment after 30 days past the due date).
If you withdraw cash or IBFT in credit mode, we will charge 0.2% of the amount per day. This continues until you repay the entire outstanding amount. Note that, your credit limit will freeze if you fail to pay the outstanding amount before the due date.
For more details please refer to our Charges & Fees.
Late payment charges are 3%.
If you fail to pay before the due date, you will be offered to pay the outstanding amount in installments for up to 12 months. Any outstanding balance, be it cash withdrawals, IBFT, or point-of-sale transactions, will be merged to be revolved in installments. If you miss an installment, a 3% late payment fee will be applied only to that particular installment.
If you do not convert your bill to installments, the 3% late payment fee will be applied to the entire outstanding balance.
For more details please refer to our Charges & Fees.
If you pay at a point-of-sale in credit mode, you will not be charged anything for 30 days. You will have the following options:
  1. Pay the entire amount in installments for up to 12 months – with 3% service charges applied on the entire amount payable.
  2. If you have missed the grace period of 5 days, you can pay part of the amount now (with 3% late payment charges) and pay the rest of the amount in installments of up to 12 months – with monthly 3% service charges applied on the amount payable
  3. Pay the entire amount now (with 3% late payment charges if you miss the due date)
For more details please refer to our Charges & Fees.
You can choose to pay your bill in installments for up to 12 months. Installments will be charged at 3% per month.
You can use the following link to calculate your installment payments: Charges & Fees
You will be charged the next day after your due date (billing date + 5 days of the grace period) at 12:00 AM if you fail to pay.
You cannot withdraw more than PKR 50,000 in one day. Also, an ATM allows you to withdraw PKR 20,000 at one time. So, it will take three attempts to withdraw PKR 50,000 in one day: 20,000, 20,000, and then 10,000.
We deduct the repayment in the following order:
  • Late Payment Fee
  • Service Charges
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Point-of-Sale
Suppose you repay PKR 10,000.
You have an outstanding late payment fee of PKR 200. First, we will deduct this, leading to PKR 9,800 left of your repayment.
You have outstanding service charges of PKR 200. Then we will deduct this, leading to PKR 9,600 left of your repayment.
You withdrew cash worth 5,000. Then we will deduct this, leading to 4,600 left of your repayment.
You made retail transactions worth 3,000, leading to 1,600 left.
Now 1,600 is left. We will adjust this in your future repayments.
If your biometrics are registered with NADRA, you can keep PKR 200,000 in your wallet. However, if your biometrics are not registered, your limit will be PKR 50,000.
Temporarily deactivate your card in the app to prevent anyone from misusing it. You can always reactivate it by reactivating it in the app. Also, you must notify us immediately on our helpline: (042) 35880272
Yes. You can if you pay them through your wallet. At this moment, you cannot pay online bills with your credit limit. However, we are working on this feature and it will be live soon.
Just go to your settings and change your pin under security.
No, you cannot because of a limitation of our card issuer that is PayPak.
Yes, you can access any statement from any month; they are all available in your app. You can also view all your charges of the credit limit in the statements.
No, you cannot get a chequebook against a wallet.
No, you cannot.
No, you can choose to pay some amount then and the rest in installments ranging from 1 to 12 months. You will be assigned installment plans based on the period you choose. The due date for each installment will remain the same.
You are always welcome to pay more than your installment to clear your credit line at a faster pace. For example, you choose to revolve PKR 10,000 over 4 months and are assigned installments of 2,800. Now you are eligible to pay PKR 2,800 every month. However, you can also pay double (PKR 5,600) or triple (PKR 8,600) that of your current installment, or even the entire outstanding amount. This reactivates your credit limit at a faster pace or even immediately if you pay it all at once.
You can register a complaint in the “help” section of your app. If you need further assistance you can also call us on our helpline: (042) 35880272
This can be done in the “profile” section of your settings.
No, we do not offer this service.
All fees are inclusive of taxes (FED)
You must pay PKR 1,000 to activate your card initially. This is also your annual subscription fee.
*All charges inclusive of FED
5 years from the date your card is approved.
You can block the card from your app or call the call center (042) 35880272 to limit unauthorized usage. We are working on re-issuance features. It will be live very soon.