What is salary on demand?

It is unlocking your salary for the entire month as early as the first instead of the thirty first.

Instantly access 40% of your salary any day

Now you never have to ask your HR for an advance.

Your salary is available to you today, tomorrow, and every day - no questions asked.

Repay in installments

Can’t pay off your salary-on-demand this month?

Not to worry! You can easily pay it in installments of 1 to 12 months at 3% per month.

Customize Your Plan

Total Balance


0 month Plan


How and where does the Finja Card work?

2-in-1 card

Both a credit card and a debit card. Tap once it's debit, tap again it's credit.

Use your own funds or salary-on-demand to:

  • Pay at retailers across Pakistan
  • Withdraw cash from any ATM
  • Pay your utility & electricity bills
  • Transfer funds to anyone with a bank account

Track your monthly expenses

Tired of translating your cryptic bank statement?

Finja Card categorizes your expenses, separately letting you know how much you’ve spent on groceries, restaurants, fuel, and entertainment each month.

Offering countless discounts

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Download the Finja app

Upload the following documents in-app:

  • - Last 3-month bank statement
  • - Last month’s salary slip