3 Things to Know about SimSim Business

Financial services have evolved over the years. Now you can check your bank account balance on your cell phone, make money transfers with one click and process payments at a touch of a button! Technology has even enabled lenders provide quick digital cash loans to individuals and businesses.
SimSim business is a free, frictionless and a real time digital disbursement and collection.
Here is why we are different: 

  • No operational expense
  • No hidden costs
  • No service Charges
  • No licensing fee
  • No implementation cost
Here are 3 top reasons why businesses love us:

1) Borrowing made instant
Businesses can unlock their full potential and strengthen the partnership with internal and external stakeholders through instant & digital lending with SimSim. Troublesome application process, piles of paperwork & extensive loan approval turnaround time are a thing of the past. With our highly automated process you can access our lending products at a completely unmatched speed, lean process and highly competitive processing fee. We offer products tailored to your fast-paced business & individual needs, delivering digital credit instantly to your business, employees, customers and partners!

2) A fully digitized portal
Developed with latest technology, encrypted with different layers to ensure security of your finances, we have created a user friendly web portal to process your payroll anytime, anywhere.

3) No more paperwork!
We allow businesses to tame the chaos of their HRM and employee management through an efficient, quick and paperless portal. So you no longer have to remain buried under heaps of paperwork, rather optimize your time productively!
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