Accept & track payments in a click

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Our goal is simple!

We want to digitize the entire process, from invoice creation to collecting and tracking receivables in real-time for any business in Pakistan. Whether you are a gym trainer, running a home-based or large scale business.

Finja Business is for everyone!

We want you to focus on what you do best. Save your time and effort to enhance customer relationships, unlock sales opportunities, and leave the rest to Finja Business.

This feature helps you in 4 ways

1: Create, upload and send invoices within seconds

Don’t waste time in manual entry. Use Finja Business to automate the entire invoicing process and save time.

  • Automate Invoices
  • Instantly send unlimited invoices using pre-fed data to your clients in a click of a button.
  • Send error-free invoices
  • Just click to generate invoices using pre-fed data and never experience the issue of a returned invoice again!

2: Receive every payment quickly, easily, and securely.

Request payment from customers with digital invoices because getting paid should be the easy part for every business.

  • Accelerate cash flow management process
  • Take control of your cash flows
  • Keep an eye on your cash flows with real-time payments & customers reporting!

3: Streamlining the reconciliation process

Manage and track the collection process on your own computer.

Finja Business automatically updates the status of invoices for you to view cash flow insights in real time. Decreasing the number of outstanding accounts, avoiding data re-entry, and organizing the collection process

4: Happier customer. Higher financial returns.

Do you have customers that purchase from you each month? Automatically create and send invoices to regular customers.

Maximizing returns for you ,and maximizing customer satisfaction

Don’t have a registered Business?

We’ve got you covered!

Whether you are a homeschool teacher, baker, boutique owner, makeup artist , or a professional. Finja Business is an end-to-end solution freeing you from the chaos of manually creating invoices, collecting cash, instantly, conveniently and forever!

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How can we help your business?

Get paid faster

Set up automatic invoices creations, and automate the payment process

Save cost & effort in printing vouchers

Easy reconciliation and no more tracking paper invoices!

Easy for your customers

Clients don’t have to take trips to the bank or remember when to make payments. They will be automatically notified to make payments online.

Better cash flow management

No more counting cash,excels, and paperwork. Real time reporting for your cash flow inflows & outflows

Batch upload

Create & share invoice ID for thousands of your customers in one go by effortlessly uploading CSV file with payment details

Never chase a payment

Send auto-reminder to clients for recurring payments without lifting a finger.

How does it work?


Upload your customer payment details in a go


Finja Business will automatically create and share unique invoices to your customers


Customer will instantly receive payment notification and can make payments using their unique invoice ID


Your customer will simply select ‘FINJA EMI’ in the ‘IBFT' section on their online/mobile banking or in person


As soon as the payment is made from the customers end you will receive it and be notified.


Automatic reconciliation in real time.

Finja Business will flag your collections activity, reconcile your cash flows and track your payables to come up with forecasts for you to make data driven decisions.

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We will help you better manage your business

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