for your Business

Finja@Work allows you to access, track and manage your employees’ attendance on the go right from your mobile phones.

Conveniently approve or disapprove your team leave requests from your mobile application.

Get instant access to your payment history and keep a track of business transactions in real-time.

Process all types of payments (payroll, vendor, and other) in batches and track the record directly with ease on your mobile phone.

Seamlessly manage all your corporate expenditures with Finja@Work's Expense Module. Approve, disapprove or track expense requests, wherever, whenever you want.

for your Employees

  • Salary-on-demand: Give your employees access to their salary in advance with Finja’s salary-on-demand feature.
  • Attendance Management: With our advanced facial recognition software and accurate geo-tagging, your employees can mark their attendance right from their mobile phones by taking a selfie. Employees can also apply for leave from Finja@Work.
  • Payslips: Give your employees instant access to their payslips with Finja@Work.
  • Payment History: Your employees can keep a track of their salary coming in every month.
  • Expense Request: Your employees can request expenses against any corporate expenditures (lunch, work trips, etc) and get them approved or reimbursed in real-time.

You might want to know

What is Finja@Work? Finja@Work is the mobile version of Finja Business, which allows users to access and manage their work/business right from their mobile phone.

How to use Finja@Work? The users must download the Finja App to manage their business or work.

How to synchronize the data from Finja Business to Finja@Work? Employee data plays an important role here, please update your employee information in the portal to synchronize with the Finja App.

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