Unify HR & payroll processes digitally

  • Real-time Disbursements
  • Instant Lending
  • Attendance Management
  • Time-off Requests

Experience stress-free payroll process in 3 simple steps

Transfer funds in real-time to employees’ without opening their salary bank accounts. Send money in their current bank account, wallet, or to any valid CNIC in just a click.

The Six Eye View with Multiple approval hierarchy

  • 3 level role hierarchy (six eye view) for administrators: Maker, Checker, Approver to eliminate the chances of error and secure the payments end to end
  • Flexibility to assign multiple roles to single admin user
  • Flexibility to add multiple stakeholders with different permission sets
  • Flexibility to add multiple Makers and Checkers as per the company hierarchy and transaction type
  • Admin editable access to employee profiles with password reset option
Real-time disbursements

Automation of calculation and funds disbursement into employee wallets

Run payroll with speedy, real-time disbursements in just a few clicks.

No more employee advances from the company’s cash flow!

Allow selected employees to request up to 60% of their salaries in advance with Finja Lending Services