Best way to pay your employes using Payroll Plus

Payroll Plus is a zero-cost cloud based payroll solution and third-party payment automation system, supported through mobile wallet funds disbursement with advanced analytics.

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3 Level approval flow

Simple steps to process your payroll under 3 level role hierarchy for administrators



Uploads file and maps fields



Verifies and sends to approver



Processes payroll after verification

Why should I use Payroll Plus?

Through the Payroll plus portal, employers or companies can manage the entire HR function. They can run salaries through the system, have a comprehensive view of spending, financial statements and account balances, create functional hierarchies, assign each employee a functional position, branch or a department, etc.

Companies using Payroll plus can significantly reduce the cost of accounting and other manual work, ensuring that Payroll plus is an error free, accounting system. The companies’ confidentiality of information and their employee database is not compromised. All monetary transactions are done online in a secure and guarded network through Payroll plus. It also monitors the employees’ records and leaves of absence in real-time, calculates the exact amount to be paid and pays them accordingly once the funds are released.

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Why we all love

Payroll Plus?

An automated payroll disbursement and management software, designed with flexibility to meet the needs of big and small businesses.

Payroll for everyone

Cloud based solution accessible from anywhere, at any time, with auto-updates and no hardware procurement or integration costs


We use multiple encryption layers and financial institution level security to ensure that your data is always safe


We have developed our system to save time and create value for you


Automation of calculation and funds disbursement into employee wallets with convenience to withdraw via ATM cards or online transfers to any bank

Wealth Management

Insurance, investments and saving plans, all carefully designed to cater the needs of each unique business


Real time lending facility against salaries at below market markup rates through SimSim mobile wallets to financially empower our valuable users

Businesses Love

Full service portal

Web based solution providing comprehensive functionality to help companies achieve real-time transactions with complete snap shot of HR functions. Payroll plus offers:

  • Payroll and Disbursements
  • Employee Data based Management
  • Short Loan/ Advance against salary module
  • Vendor payments and database management
  • Interactive reporting and analytics
Here’s how we are different. . It’s Free, Frictionless and Real-Time
  • No operational expense
  • No hidden costs
  • No service Charges
  • No licensing fee
  • No implementation cost

Here’s how we’re different:

Simple and Accurate

User friendly web portal to process your payroll in-house

Real time disbursements

Speedy disbursements, just a few clicks away

Transparent and Error free

Developed with latest technology, encrypted with different layers to ensure security of your finances

Bank level data security:

  • Data protection via multiple encryption layers
  • Secure socket layer (SSL) certification to ensure safety and convenience
  • Data storage and firewall technologies for steadfast backup
  • Multiple electronic security systems via virtual private networks (VPN)
  • Various level password protection for administrators
  • Payroll Plus employees never have access to your payroll data except on absolute need-to-know basis

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