Finja is a new age financial services platform for professionals, merchants (Karyana shops) and SME businesses addressing their payments, collections and credit needs. Being friend of banks, Fls and merchants, we hold a unique position in the value chain enabling all actors in the eco-system to interact digitally.

Lending Ecosystem

An equitable lending platform that uses AI and data-driven methods to deliver financial services to the underbanked segment of the nation. Operated by Finja lending services under NBFC license.

Integrated Financial services

Facilitating financial services to businesses, SMEs, and their employees all in one application. Under the E-money approval by the State Bank of Pakistan.

Multibank Partnerships

Collaboratively creating lending and payment products with banks to serve the targeted segment in the country.

Providing innovative financial services in order to lead Pakistan's economy
towards digital transformation.


Finja App

Funds Transfer

Make transactions from your Finja App to another Finja App user and also send/receive money from any bank account in Pakistan instantly.

Mobile Top-Ups

Use your Finja Wallet to perform mobile top-ups without any hassle.

Bill Payments

Pay all types of utility bills in a secure and convenient way with your Finja App.

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Our banking partners

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