Who we are?

Finja is a new age financial services platform for professionals, merchants (Karyana shops) and SME businesses addressing their payments, collections and credit needs. Being friend of banks, Fls and merchants, we hold a unique position in the value chain enabling all actors in the eco-system to interact digitally.

Lending Ecosystem

An equitable lending platform that uses AI and data-driven methods to deliver financial services to the underbanked segment of the nation. Operated by Finja lending services under NBFC license.

Integrated Financial services

Facilitating financial services to businesses, SMEs, and their employees all in one application. Under the E-money approval by the State Bank of Pakistan.

Multibank Partnerships

Collaboratively creating lending and payment products with banks to serve the targeted segment in the country.

Providing innovative financial services in order to lead Pakistan's economy
towards digital transformation.


Finja App

For Salaried Professionals

Avail instant loans, transfer funds, pay bills, top up your mobile balance and do so much more on the go

For Merchants

Apply for credit, accept digital payments and order inventory through your distributor with a click of a button

For Business Owners

Keep a track of your daily business operations and stay on top of your payments, wherever you are


Personal Loans

Instant, digital credit accessible through Finja Card is now available to salaried professionals

Designed for all salaried professionals in Pakistan to avail maximum credit digitally.


Business Loans

Unlock the full potential of your business with easily available financing solutions.

Manage your company expenses with this quick digital loan
Avail instant credit to acquire inventory for your business
Avail up to 40% of your salary in advance

Our banking partners

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