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*This is a proposition by Finja Lending Services

The easiest way to access digital credit to meet your business goals

Unlock the true potential of your business by smoothing out your cash flows. Don’t worry if you have a need today but the cash is coming in after few days or few weeks.
Stop waiting to make that payment or purchase, make it now with Finjas exclusive credit solution for SMEs. Finja believes in promoting capital towards business growth with minimal rates and flexible variables.
Whether you are expanding your business, investing in marketing or advertising or managing cash flow, it is hard to grow without the right kind of financing.

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Who is this for?

This credit solution is the right choice for SMEs who are looking for that extra kick to make upgrades, settle expenses or simply reconcile their cash flows. This is a digital and instant cash flow solution for all SMEs across the country. Offering the most competitive rates without long lines or paperwork.

How does it work?

The process is completely digital and requires no paperwork at all. We’ve made it simple and easy. Follow the simple steps below to avail your instant credit now!

Fill out this online application . Your credentials will help our algorithms come up with the best solution for you. We churn out the loan amount that suits your needs and an amount that you can repay easily.

Once we have approved your application all you need to do is download the Finja App.

Select ‘loans’ in the Finja App and here you will see a list of your pre-approved loans. Select ‘B2B Financing’ and request the amount you wish to credit. Confirm the amount and the due date (90-180 day tenure).

The amount will be instantly credited net of service fee (3%-4%/month) to your wallet.

Before your due date we will send you a reminder and you can repay the loan directly using the Finja App . Select ‘loans’ and click on ‘repay’. Enter the payable amount. This will instantly be reflected towards your balance. Once you have repaid the payable amount you can apply again just through the app now.


1.How can I apply?
If you are a SME looking for capital to grow your business then all you need to do is fill out this online application and follow the simple steps above. Reach out to us and one of our financial advisors can consult you with the best solution for your business.
However, if that is not the case then we have other options for you to choose from.
B2B financing follows a tenure of 90 days with flexible repayment options for you to manage your business your way. To repay the loan simply log on to your Finja App or Finja Business and select the ‘loans’ tab. Select ‘repay’ and enter the payable amount or you can set up your account to auto deduct and you would not have to worry about missed payments. This will be reflected instantly towards your loan balance.
The tenure of this loan is 90 days making it easy for you to manage your budget. However, in the unlikely event you are not able to repay you can call us in with your concerns and we can find a way out for you. We have a team of specialised advisors that can help you consolidate your debt so it does not negatively impact your credit history.
The form you fill out allows our real time algorithms that use AI and machine learning to determine the loan amount using your credentials. The algorithms churn out the most suited loan amount for you. Our business analysts come up with the optimal capital amount upon assessing your business credentials.
This is an exclusive financial solution tailored towards retailer with competitive service fee. There is a service fee ranging from 3%-4% taken upfront before the loan is disbursed. The fee depends on your past repayment history,your previous sales cycle, any other debt, the credibility of your credentials and other variants that our algorithm uses.
We are here and happy to help with any questions or concerns. There are a number of ways you can reach us.