B2B Loans

Empowering small businesses through the provision of productive capital!

What do we offer?

Fixed Term Loan Facilities for our institutional clients (Startups, SMEs & Corporates) in order to address cash-flow / liquidity gaps in their monthly operational expenditures. The processes that we employ have been designed to reduce barriers and promote financial inclusion.

What is the process?

Debt burden of companies is calculated through our proprietary AI/ML risk assessment and limit allocation algorithms before disbursing loans leading to low turnaround time and seamless process.

How does it work?

We offer fixed term financing for upto 30 days; the short-term nature of this facility allows businesses to address their working capital finance requirements as needed. All charges are calculated at the point of disbursement, in accordance with the specified loan tenor. Small ticket loans can be availed without any formal collateralization requirements, while larger credit facilities require formal collateral through regulations defined by the NBFC.