Working from home? Same! Here are some tips from team Finja on how to stay motivated and most importantly positive while working from home.

1) Maintain a routine

Just like any other work day, make sure that you are waking up on time to be available for your team members. A good tip is to build a permanent work station which should be far from your actual room so that you get up every day and use that space for work only. Make sure that the space is quiet and comfortable so that you can focus on the task at hand.

2) Get dressed for work

Even if you are working from home, it is suggested that you get up and dress for work like any other normal day. This will start the day off right as you will feel accomplished with this small task. Also since we will be having video calls with stakeholders, managers and the team – it is best that you look presentable.

3) Eat Healthy & Drink Plenty of Water

It is very important that you eat healthy to keep yourself energized for the entire day. Have a proper lunch break just like you would at work and switch to healthier options. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. You may step away from your workstation to a different space. Perhaps light a candle and relax your mind!

4) Stay Connected

Stay connected to your team members so all the tasks are done without any delay. Use a proper channel of communication like Zoom or Google Hangout so that everyone knows their goals for the day. Maintaining a task sheet will enable smooth workflow.

5) Take it one day at a time

It is very important to take everything one step at a time. Do not overburden yourself with work or feel demotivated to not work at all. It is important that everyone is there for each other for support.

We at Finja are with you and we understand. Everything will be okay!

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