The Future is Digital

Organizational change is always hard, today the change everyone is facing is inevitable.
Although businesses in hindsight have strategies to cope with economic changes and disruptions that come their way. However, historically when such events persist it calls for an evolution.
The unfortunate challenge that all companies face due to COVID-19 is how to run their business from home. In such unforeseen and unpredictable circumstances many have had to halt operations and others are facing chaos.
Before this pandemic, businesses have relied heavily on in-person interactions, cash movements and managing operations without any digital solutions. While no one knows how long the crisis will last and what will the post COVID-19 world look like, the real question is what’s next for businesses? How to best navigate the future with what we can foresee?
Many people might not have heard of Blockbuster and those who have, might know that they were not able to adapt to the digital revolution. However during the digital revolution many businesses were forced to make fast paced decisions and foresee the potential. Those who didn't, ended up with no trace like Blockbuster and those who adapted have evolved into lucrative giants like Netflix. It is important not to forget that both humans and businesses are fighting for survival against this pandemic. The game has changed to adaptation and the survival of the fittest for both humans and businesses alike, so we must make decisions for the future now. As humans we need to make smart choices and adapt.
As business owners and entrepreneurs we need to take the future in our hands and understand how we can navigate for better and sustainable tomorrow. These decisions will define if businesses will come out as winners or losers.

What is happening to business operations?

Currently in Pakistan and most other economies in the world, as this reality unfolds; individuals are required to practice social distancing, cash movements need to be reduced to stop the spread, banks have cut down on timings which makes salary disbursements, vendor payments and overall banking relationships difficult.
The world is changing and the analogue archaic processes are becoming even more inefficient. Most of us have never experienced such a castastophy but that does not mean we cannot take charge and look for the opportunity that this may present.

Solution - Digitize your Future.

Digitalization is inevitable, growth and profitability in decades to come will depend on the adaptation strategy businesses take now. Distress situations can also give rise to massive opportunities and economics boosts. Digitization has become key to survival and in such times we need to seize opportunities to evolve.
Companies worldwide are actively looking for holistic management tools to keep up with the challenges being faced by the entire world right now. There is only one solution, and we as Pakistanis are now left with no other option but to digitize to survive.

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Finja business, a core digital solution that will benefit businesses who demand digital infrastructure technology to run their operations.This zero cost cloud based platform allows companies to manage all their banking needs by connecting their corporate accounts seamlessly, manage their payroll, keeping track of employees in the organization and assist in overall financial management.
Today Finja businesses have allowed our partners; Bykea, Eat Mubarak, Kansai Paints, Interwood, Trax Logistics and more than 300 to digitize businesses operations, which is also enabling them to work from home without halting any business operations. We at Finja, want to be there for you in a time like this.

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