99 problems but cash ain’t one..

The millennial dilemma has always sort of been around their wallets running low on cash and the dreary task of rushing to an ATM to withdraw.

Also, let’s be real, post COVID the added stress of walking into a confined space to withdraw cash, touch the same screen that probably a million other individuals have and constantly sanitizing your hands has not been a walk in the park. So what’s been the shift you ask..

Rise of E-Commerce & shift to digital payment solutions

Pakistanis have always been skeptical about digital payment systems and let’s face it, we’re always standing in endless queues at the bank or using cash and our cheque books to pay off our bills.

However, for better or worse, COVID 19 outbreak really gave us no choice but to stay at home and shop everything online from groceries to electronics and even gym equipment because let’s face it, we were all heading towards becoming couch potatoes eventually.

Moreover, the shift to contactless payments was not overnight but it was definitely an opportunity for FinTech players like Finja to emerge and make a splash in the Pakistani market and steadily shift consumer mindsets from paper (cash) to digital credit.

Finja digital credit solutions

Not only has Finja empowered MSMEs to play their part in the economy but also business owners by providing them with a digital credit solution such as salary-on-demand that boosts business efficiency through the empowerment of the workforce.

This amazing solution allows salaried professionals to access their pay any time before the 30 day pay cycle. So the wait is finally over and you can say goodbye to the millennial broke life.

What does the future hold?

With the rise of fintech players in the economy and a huge chunk of venture capitalist funding being spent on digitalizing the financial economy of Pakistan, it is a no brainer that cash will eventually (not entirely) become obsolete.

Despite some reservations to new tech development in the finance sector, a lot of consumers are now open to the idea of using digital financial services and fintechs like Finja are providing consumers with the ease of digital credit are shaking up the game entirely.

By Farheen Qureshi

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