Beat your Weekday Blues! 😥

Weekday blues—we can all get them, even if we are always motivated to do our best at work. For most, starting a new week when you are still jet-lagged from the weekend can be a challenge. Or maybe it’s most weekday mornings, because waking up early is just not your cup of tea. There can be multiple reasons, but here are some tips to make your weekdays just a little bit less stressful.

Zero down on what’s bothering you 😉

Is it the thought of working post a fun weekend, long commute to work or just not having the motivation to work? Well, each of these problems can be zeroed down to a single solution, which would eventually add a hue of hope to your weekday blues.

Distract yourself 🧐

Have you noticed it’s always something apart from work that makes us look forward to any day. Making some plans now and then reduces stress and one would always look forward to what is about to come after work. Find yourself a good distraction!

Overthinking kills… 😅

Workdays in general can feel more restrictive and that can take a toll on anyone’s mood but perhaps not as much as we think. We feel worse merely anticipating how our week will go than actually experiencing it in the moment. Want an easy solution? Don’t overthink and just go with the flow.

Find your stress busters! 😉

Start by getting a hold of your own fears that are leading to all of the piled up stress. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the feeling of having too much to do daily, then just create a To-Do list that helps you sort through the work more easily. Don’t forget to take some breaks or maybe pick up a good book to read in your free time or hop on that bean bag in the corner of your office to uplift your mood!

These simple tips above will definitely help you slide through your week, rather than crawl through it. One final advice, take it EASY! It’s easier to narrow down on the negatives but it’s better to enjoy the positives so that you get to look forward to the weekend. Have a bright week everybody!

By Abdullah Ehsan Niazi

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