A well rounded payroll solution according to your needs!

Payroll+ offers a one stop solution to manage the company accounts, organizational structure, employees and the payroll on a singular platform. It is designed for SMEs and employers looking to digitize employee management tasks.

The Right Features

Company account management

Manage your company account with detailed track of statements and account balances. 

Organization structure management

Trouble free management of organizational structure by creating multiple departments, branches and functional hierarchy for smooth salary runs directly through Payroll+

Secure payroll system

Three levels of customizable approval setup for payment and salary processing.

Employee management

Manage employee history about financial details between employee and company. 

Flexible and Customizable

Convenient management of complete salary breakup including, basic salary, reimbursements, commissions and TADAs etc.

Why should I use Payroll+?

Through the Payroll+ portal, employers or companies can manage the entire HR function. They can run salaries through the system, have a comprehensive view of spending, financial statements and account balances, create functional hierarchies, assign each employee a functional position, branch or a department, etc.

Companies using Payroll+ can significantly reduce the cost of accounting and other manual work, ensuring that Payroll+ is an error free, accounting system. The companies’ confidentiality of information and their employee database is not compromised. All monetary transactions are done online in a secure and guarded network through Payroll+. It also monitors the employees’ records and leaves of absence in real-time, calculates the exact amount to be paid and pays them accordingly once the funds are released.

How secure is Payroll+?

FINJA Pvt. Ltd. respects employer-employee privacy and ensures it is protected. By using Payroll+, it is the employer or company – our customer – who is in control of the data. No personal and financial information with others for any purpose whatsoever will be shared by FINJA Pvt. Ltd. Information will be collected from the companies if FINJA Pvt. Ltd needs to add company requested functionalities to Payroll+. Additionally, FINJA Pvt. Ltd will collect personal and financial information about companies which is necessary to serve their financial needs, to protect against fraud, and to fulfill legal and regulatory requirements. The following is collected:

  • Information on deposit or loan applications and other forms
    and any other information subsequently provided orally, in writing or through the internet.
  • Information about companies’ transactions and communications with FINJA Pvt. Limited. read more

FINJA Pvt. Limited has established safeguards to ensure the security and confidentiality of companies’ information. FINJA employees with access to private information are required to strictly maintain the confidentiality of all customer information. This privacy is maintained even after companies cease to be FINJA customers. If companies decide to close their account or become an inactive customer, FINJA Pvt. Limited will continue to follow this privacy policy with respect to the information it has in possession about companies and their account(s). With so much of today’s company data now existing online and in cloud based applications, FINJA Pvt. Limited takes extra measures to keep information safe from any vulnerabilities. Our systems run with minimal downtime to perform routine maintenance and security updates that protect companies’ data, and we use multiple monitoring and compliance systems to ensure companies’ communication is secure.

Why we all love Payroll plus

Payroll for everyone

Payroll is one stop cloud based HR and payment solution


We use encryption and financial institution level security to ensure that your data is always safe.


We have developed our system to safe time and create value for you


Real time lending facility to financially empower our valuable users

Wealth Management 

insurance, investments and savings plans, carefully designed to cater the needs of each unique customer


Automation of calculation regarding day to day income management of employees