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Stop chasing payments and start generating Finja Biller IDs to your customers.

  • An easy & secure way for clients to pay.
  • Sending invoices has never been easier. Use our generator to create your own professional invoice template and get paid fast
  • Notification will be generated every time a payment is made, which will automatically be updated in your account; thereby, avoiding the risk of double entries
  • Create a unique biller id for each customer to help track your receivables in real-time.
  • Accelerate your cash flows by staying on top of your payment collection with Finja Business.
  • Easy reconciliations, save time for you to spend on more important tasks

How does it work?

Company will get onboarded
Company will be registered as a biller
A Unique Biller code will be assigned
Collection details will be verified via APIs
Upon successful verification, the merchant will be notified to mark the payment as PAID

Who can use this feature?

Clubs, gyms, restaurants, schools, e-commerce platforms, or any other type of business that issues challan or vouchers.

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