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Tired of running out of finances towards the end of every month? Need the Azaadi to spend your salary when you want? The antidote to all problems is right here!

Be Azaad With Finja Card!

Finja Card is Pakistan’s first dual-purpose digital card that has been introduced to bring financial ease to salaried professionals. The card allows professionals like you and me, to access up to 40% of their salaries on demand any time of the month. Whether it’s making moments like Independence Day special or navigating through difficult times - having a financial cushion is imperative. But it’s during these moments that one finds themselves in a tight spot.

Azaadi From Embarrassing Situations

With the Finja Card, you won’t have that uneasy feeling at the back of your mind! Your friends and family won’t judge you for asking them for credit, your company’s HR will not be in a position to turn you away, and you won’t have to rely on predatory policies of other financial products. It’ll be YOUR salary for the days you’ve worked, simply made available before the end of the month!

Azaadi From Extra-Charges & Simple To Understand

And guess what? There are no extra charges if you pay back within 30 days. In an event, where you do find it difficult to return the amount in 30 days, you will have the Azaadi to design a repayment plan that works for you. We’ve all found ourselves at a point where you literally have to decode your credit card bills because you don’t understand all the bundled-up charges. With the Finja Card, you know exactly what you’re paying for and when.

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By Musa Mirza

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