Finja App

Finja App

Finja believes in financial inclusion for everybody in Pakistan. Whether you want to borrow money to cover your short-term personal expenses or want extra capital for your business, we have got you covered!

With our all-in-one service, you can now have access to different
financial services at your fingertips!

Why Choose Finja App?

100% Online Process

Minimum Documentation

Monitoring & Insights

Minimum Discussion

Salaried Professionals

For individuals working in Pakistan, the Finja wallet can be used to pay bills, transfer money at zero MDR, apply for Finja Card, Top up your mobile balance, purchase movie tickets and so much more!

For Business Owners

When we have everything else on our fingertips then why not have our business too? The Finja App gives you complete access to your Finja Business portal. Now you can apply for credit, make payments, check on your employees and keep track of all your expenses!

For Merchants

With one click of a button, you can now apply for digital credit, make vendor payments, keep a track of your invoices and manage your business more efficiently.