For Salaried Professionals

From the moment you receive your salary every month, we bet the stress of making essential payments take over. Whether its utility bills, rent, your child’s fee and monthly grocery expenses, with Finja app you can do all this and more with a simple click of a button.

This is just not it. Finja App is an all in one platform through which you can also manage your office tasks such as reimbursements and leave applications, on the go as well.

Monthly Payments

We know you’ve got a lot on your plate, so we are going to take the stress of paying your rent and utilities off that! Once your salary is credited to the Finja App, you have the opportunity to make payments to any bank account absolutely free of cost. Whether it is paying off your bills or recharging your GSM network; you can conveniently perform all with a few clicks.

Pay Bills:

Bill Payment allows users to pay all types of utility bills in a secure and convenient way. The amount is automatically fetched after entering the consumer number, upon confirmation the bill is paid instantly.

You can Pay your Utility Bills to:

  • Electricity (LESCO, GEPCO, HESCO, MEPCO, PESCO, K-Electric)
  • Gas (SNGPL, SSGC)
  • Water/Sanitation (KWSB)
  • Landline (PTCL Defaulter, PTCL Landline)
  • Broadband (PTCL EVO Postpaid, PTCL EVO Prepaid, PTCL Vfone, Qubee Consumer, Qubee Distributor, Wateen, World Call)
  • Education (Beaconhouse school System, LUMS)
  • Insurance (EFU Insurance-Conventional, EFU Insurance-Takaful, Jubilee Life Insurance-AD HOC, Jubilee Life Insurance-INDEX, Jubilee Life Insurance-NON INDEX)
  • Online Billers (DARAZ)
  • Others (ASKINV, EFBR, MCBAH, Punjab Revenue Authority, Sindh Revenue Board, UFONE SUPERCARD)

Wallet to Wallet and IBFT Transactions

Finja is providing you with your own digital wallet that will allow you to make transactions from your wallet to another Finja wallet user instantly. You can also send/receive money from any bank account in Pakistan without any additional service charges.

All you need is your Finja wallet number or IBFT number and you make transactions anytime, anywhere.

For Finja Wallet to Wallet Users:

  • Login the Finja App
  • Select Send Money
  • Select Finja
  • Enter beneficiary Finja Wallet number
  • Enter Amount
  • Proceed. Verify details on confirmation screen
  • Proceed and funds will be transferred in real-time

For IBFT Users:

  • Login the Finja App
  • Select Send Money
  • Select IBFT
  • Select Account type
  • Enter beneficiary account number
  • Select purpose of payment
  • Enter Amount
  • Proceed. Verify details on confirmation screen
  • Proceed and funds will be transferred in real-time

Top Ups

Recharge your GSM network

Prepaid (Jazz, Telenor, Ufone, Warid, Zong)

Postpaid (Jazz, Ufone, Warid, Zong)

For Ufone Super Card, as mentioned above use Bills option and go to “Others” category

For Prepaid Number

  • Login the app & click on Top Up
  • Select Prepaid & GSM Network
  • Enter mobile number and select amount.
  • Verify details on confirmation screen
  • Proceed and your GSM network will be
    recharged in real time

For Postpaid Number

  • Login the app & click on Top Up
  • Select Postpaid & GSM Network
  • Enter mobile number
  • Verify postpaid bill details on confirmation
  • Proceed and your bill will be paid in real time

Click here to pay your bills now. You can also instantly top up your mobile balance too.


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Instant Loans

Unexpected expenses are a part of life, but we want you to be prepared always. Finja App offers a wide range of loans through which you can take on life wherever you are, whenever you want. With Finja Card, you have the facility to avail upto 40% of your salary to meet your financial needs. Find out more about it here.